Chad Nesbit

Assistant Curator of Anthropology at the Field Museum, Masquerade Retainer to Westin Snopes


Full Name: Chadwick Nesbit

Known Aliases: N/A

Occupation: Assistant Curator of Anthropology for Africa, Europe, and the Near East at the Field Museum

Status: Unknowing Retainer of a Vampire

A Bit Too Eager Too Please? Definitely.

Chad interned at the museum throughout college, and was hired shortly before Dr. Snopes. His research on Westin, as the man’s new assistant, was detailed and thorough, and he takes pride in knowing what needs to be done before it’s asked of him. He has also developed a bit of a fanboy attitude toward Snopes, especially after sneaking a peek at his boss’s unfinished memoir, and will do almost anything to stay in his good graces. He has no idea that Dr. Snopes is a Vampire, and knows almost everything about the man’s life, down to the mundane parts of his nightly schedule. If anyone were to suggest such a thing in seriousness, he would dismiss it out of hand, and could provide considerable proof of Snopes’ normalcy.


Chad is tall and lanky, but otherwise generally unremarkable in appearance. Neither handsome nor disfigured, thin nor fat, neither gregarious nor boorish, he tends to fade into the background of most social situations, which is just the way he likes it.

Personal Goals:

  • Pursue his doctorate in Anthropology
  • Impress the unflappable Dr. Westin Snopes

Chad Nesbit

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