Joseph Collins

Club owner, party animal, and local Carthian Prefect.


Full Name: Joseph James Collins

Known Aliases: JJ, Joe Cool

Occupation: Owner of Blush, a nightclub

Status: Daeva Vampire

Too Cool For School? Word, brother.

JJ Collins, known to his friends as JJ and to everyone else as Joe Cool, has been a fixture in the Chicago nightclub circuit for nearly 20 years. Blush is just the latest reincarnation of his club, and it remains as wildly popular and select as ever – but who you have to know to get in, only the people on the inside know. Lines regularly wind around the block.

Among the Kindred, JJ wields not-inconsiderable influence as the longest-standing Carthian Prefect in the last century – he’s held the position for going on 15 years now. However, Carthian power is limited in Chicago, due to Prince Maxwell’s disdain for the group.

Little is commonly known about JJ’s past, but he’s been a Vampire for at least 30 years.


JJ is lean and well-muscled, with A-List actor good looks and more charm can possibly be healthy. He is almost never seen without his trademark black sunglasses, although recent years have seen him abandon the leather jacket look for a sleek modern suit.


Joseph Collins

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