Richard Wells

Head of Security at Blush Nightclub, Myrmidon of the Carthian Movement


Full Name: Richard Thomas Wells

Known Aliases: Big Dick (but never to his face)

Occupation: Head of Security, Blush

Status: Daeva Vampire

Hits Like a Brick? Swims like one, too.

Richard Wells, known un-affectionately as Big Dick among those who’ve had run-ins with him, keeps order at Joseph Collins’ club, and among his Carthian brothers. He was sired about 10 years ago by, if the stories are true, JJ himself, although neither of them will admit to it. Richard claims that he used to be a pencil pusher, working for city hall – if it’s true, he was the biggest desk jockey this side of the Mississippi.

Richard can always be found at the club when he’s not pinning down unruly Carthians and forcing them to apologize to each other.


Big Dick is around 6’6" and weighs in at an easy 270 lbs. Contrary to Muhammad Ali’s advice, he floats like a freight train, but he stings like one, too.


Richard Wells

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