Dossier - Marie Brey

Full Name: Marie Brey
Known Aliases: Andromeda
Occupation: EPA Social Engineer
Status: Awakened
Tree Hugger? Yes
Marie Brey is a mild mannered woman with a vibrant personality hidden beneath professionalism.

She grew up on the outskirts of popularity, held high by her family’s wealth, but was generally considered an odd duck. During high school, Marie fell in with a group of kids who were the children of prominent business men, rebelling as tree huggers and whatever else annoyed their parents. Her family, however, embraced their daughter’s newfound focus and turned it to their advantage by showing interest and doling out praise.

Four years later found Marie at the top of her class with friends who were determined to break into the political side of activism. They propelled her into the public sphere and introduced the young woman to an entirely new world of goals and rewards.

At present, Marie plays the role of Social Engineer for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to establish contacts and hand their information to her superiors. She is visiting Chicago to renew old acquaintances.

Dossier - Marie Brey

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