Dossier - Simon Cruz

Full Name: Simon Cruz
Known Aliases: None
Occupation: CPD Detective
Status: Unknown
Waxes on? And sometimes off.
History: Simon comes from a long line of police investigators. His grandfather was a member of the French Sûreté. His father: Interpol. It was during an investigation in Singapore that Simon’s father, Insp. Hector Cruz, met and married Kun Hui Song, the daughter of a wealthy Hong Kong industrialist. Simon was born three years later, but before his first birthday both of his parents went missing and have not been seen ever since.

Simon was raised until his eleventh birthday by his maternal grandfather, Kun Han Shi, a wealthy and powerful Hong Kong industrialist. Simon’s grandfather began to have strange nightmares, and he was eventually driven mad by these oddly vivid and graphic dreams. Simon was sent to live with his uncle Miguel in Chicago, where he spent the rest of his life.

Uncle Miguel was a beat cop in the Chicago P.D., and he had five children of his own, all of which welcomed Simon warmly into their home. Simon was taunted for his lack of knowledge of American customs and his difficulty understanding even basic Spanish, the language most frequently spoken in his uncle’s household. However, he impressed his friends with his martial arts skills and fluency in Cantonese.

Simon graduated from Lincoln Park High School and was almost immediately recruited into the Chicago Police Department to become a beat cop like his uncle. However, his aptitude for investigation and knack for reading body language quickly landed him a position as a detective. He proudly received his gold shield just days before his uncle Miguel was killed while making a routine traffic stop on account of a broken tail lamp. Miguel Cruz’s killer was never caught.

Within days of his uncle’s death, Simon began to have vivid nightmares, just like his grandfather before him. He has not sought help for the nightmares out of fear that any treatment plan would cause him to lose his job as a criminal investigator.

Description: Simon stands with a slight slouch and is often dressed in an unkempt manner (his shirt untucked from his pants, a few stray cat hairs on his clothes, etc.)

He has a tendency to take a deep breath before he starts to speak, especially during those occasions in which his patience is being tried.

He has small, circular scars on the tops of his hands, with matching scars on his palms, but he has no recollection of how he got those scars. According to his grandfather, he did not have them during his time in Hong Kong, but he did have them once he arrived in Chicago to live with his uncle Miguel.

Personal Goals: - Discover the truth behind his parents’ disappearance 33 years ago.
- Find and bring to justice the man or woman that murdered his uncle.
- Come to terms with his nightmares before they destroy his career.

Dossier - Simon Cruz

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