James Spence
December 18th

I should have known better than to assume that an invitation to a party by the mayor would be more than just a party. Considering I’ve never met him, I probably should have assumed there was something afoot. I love that word. Afoot. I wonder what ahand means…

I digress, it took only minutes after entering the party before things began to get… interesting. There was a lot of power being thrown around that room. Power that I couldn’t have even imagined last week. I tried to look at the auras everyone was giving off, but I don’t really know how to interpret what I was seeing. How does one interpret the primal forces of the universe anyway?

That mayor really knows how to make an entrance. That was quite the speech, although he could have less obviously singled out Marie and I. It looked like he was talking to this Indiana Jones wannabe too. Good thing he invited us out, I’m curious what’s going to come of that.

I suppose that brings us to the elephant in the room. What the hell was that that went down with the mayor? He wants to recruit us to fight the “darkness”, and then the “darkness” swoops in and pulls him to his death. (I’m totally doing air quotes, while I think this… Jo is looking at me weird). Well, i sure showed that beastie, I flashed him (with a light) and then Marie and I ran like hell. I have to remember to learn something that I can use to fight with.

I think though, that if I’ve learned anything, it’s that i shouldn’t underestimate how fast Jo can pound tequila… I’m glad we made it to Blush in one piece.


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