Westin Snopes
December 18th, 8:30 PM

Note to self:

What the hell, Westin?

This, this right here, is why we do not go to parties. Somebody always gets belligerent, you always have to play the gallant adventurer-wannabe and try to smooth things over, and events always go downhill from there. Every damn time.

On the bright side, I suppose, they probably would have tried to kill me anyway, at some point. At least this way I know they’re coming. And hopefully I’ve sent the message that I won’t go quietly. Now I just need to pray – ha! – that JJ can shed some light on things.

I mean, a Prince risking the alliance that gives him power to go after one minor Covenant? Won’t the other Covenants oppose him out of fear that they’ll be next, if not on principle? And who the hell is Rohet? And the Underworld? I mean, I’ve heard that Chicago has a lot of old tunnels and stuff, but this sounds like a lot more than a few abandoned subway stations. Definitely bears further investigating.

I have high hopes, too, for my new “girlfriend.” Disturbed creature that she is, she may be able to go undercover and bring back some useful intel. And I guess if she gets caught, no biggie – she was going to kill me, after all. Right?

Or is that the Beast talking again?


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