Westin Snopes
Dec. 18, 5:17 AM

This is just absolutely unbelievable! Magic is flipping real! Really real! And I’ve got access to not just one, but two full-fledged wizards to interrogate on the subject! Good lord, the opportunity here…it’s incredible! To learn the truth behind the legends and lore, and discern fact from fiction and apply that new understanding to the whole cloth of history – a man could devote a lifetime to scholarship like this! Fortunately, I’ve got all the time in the world to milk them for information…if only I could publish on it. Ah well. Perhaps some of the Kindred would be interested in such a work?

On a side note, I’m starting to understand why blood bonds are so discouraged – and feared. I mean, this is a hell of a hassle – being bound clearly doesn’t prevent one from having a mind of their own. But on the other hand, if I ask, Sarah will obey, however grudgingly. I’m really not sure how I ought to feel about it, but I don’t feel great. That’s for certain.

As for this deal in Cabrini Green, it sounds like a few small fries overstepping their bounds. Regardless, lets hope that magic has a bit of bite to its bark. I may be a good fencer, but going in outnumbered by other Kindred of unknown descent, and telling them to change their ways? Yeah, that kind of sounds like asking for a beat down. Just a bit.



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