Campaign of the Month: May 2013

The Dark Queen of the West

December 20th, 2010 - CMAP Offices AAR

Peter Hatmaker
Participation: 1
Learning Curve: 1
Roleplaying: 1
Heroism: ?
Total: 3

Today is one of those days when things suddenly veer off course. The first off which is that bitch from the EPA. The fact that she came in person instead of a phone call tells me this obstruction serves an ulterior purpose. Not to she had a bad vibe to her. Even her name. Muroe. It reminds me of ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ by H.G. Wells. The one where a mad scientist made a bunch of half-human, half-animal monsters. Her growl didn’t help. And now, this James Spence character wants to enter the real estate market. It’s time to find answers.


RaseCidraen gaaran

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