Marie Brey
Dec. 18th – Later
Dear Journal,

Why should I even be surprised that vampires exist? That’s what the facts led to at James’ office – body drained of blood, two puncture marks, victim killed like this before he had time to react, blood research stolen. But really, I blame today’s media for the lack of total shock. If only those Twilighters knew…

That leads me to Joe. I’m not sure if we should wholeheartedly trust him. He seemed like he was holding something back about the coin, but I didn’t want to push the issue since the would be another piece of the puzzle that James and I need. This job for Joe just makes me that much more edgy. And why can’t he manage this bit of dirty work on his own? He didn’t appear weak. He’s not even getting some huge thugs to crush the little rebellion. Joe asked us! Maybe he thinks we’re more advanced in magic than is the case. I think I’ll voice some of these concerns to James the next time I see him.



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