Dossier - Arturo Rodriguez

Full Name: Arturo Rodriguez
Known Aliases: N/A
Occupation: Laboratory Tech (James Spence)
Status: Sleeper
Sexy Peruvian Accent? Yes
History: Born in a small Peruvian mountain village, Arturo has always believed himself to be destined for greatness. Through hard work and dedication he pursued a Masters degree from the most aggressive university in South America. After taking on some lab work afterwards, he heard of a new lab opening up in Evanston – to be headed by the illustrious James Spence. Arturo gave up everything he had back in Peru for a chance to work alongside Dr. Spence, performing groundbreaking research.

Unfortunately for him, Arturo is not a very proficient researcher. What he lacks in theoretical understanding, he makes up for with exceptional mechanical aptitude.

Description: Arturo is a handsome 36 year old Peruvian with an impossibly thick accent and deep eyes that belie a great pain at being so far away from home.

Personal Goals: – Perform research under James Spence (Complete) – Return home to visit his mother.

Dossier - Arturo Rodriguez

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