Dossier - Max O'Leary

Full Name: Max O’Leary
Known Aliases: “Mad” Max
Occupation: Salesman/Mechanic (Motorcycles)
Status: Sleeper
Location? Beyond Thunderdome
History: Max met Genevieve when she was in the Academy at the same time he picked up his nickname. After some intense training exercises, Genevieve ended up going to a biker bar with her colleagues. One of the officers-in-training took offense to Max’s casual flirting and took a swing at him. Rather than back down, the young Max got back up and into the fight, going a few rounds before being put down for good, but not after picking up the love of his life.

Shortly afterwards, he opened up a small garage and began to dabble in selling motorcycles.

Description: Short in stature but strong in spirit, Max has sturdy hands.

Personal Goals: – Build an award winning motorcycle

Dossier - Max O'Leary

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