Dossier - Moira Kesori

Full Name: Moira Kesori
Known Aliases: None
Occupation: Journalism Student
Status: Sleeper
History: Moira was born in central Texas in 1986. She is the eldest of 3 children (2 girls, 1 boy). Both of her parents were minor politicians (both were elected to state legislature at some time), until a freak car “accident” killed them both a few years ago. Moira believes that the accident was a political assassination, but has no proof. She continues to look for any information on this subject.

Moira’s siblings (James 16 and Stacy 11) live with their Aunt Nancy and Uncle Wayne in Dallas. She sees them only on holidays if she can find the time to get away from her studies and work.

Scholastically, Moira excels in all of her schoolwork. She often is bored as things are much too easy. Because of this, she tends to slack off when she can get away with it and loves to social scene. Weekend partying is the norm, and it is often that she is seen in some hot new club.

Moira has no aspirations for politics, but she knows the game and uses it in her journalism pursuits. She recognizes scandals and lies through body language after years of watching her parents and their friends growing up.

After her parents death, Moira suffered from depression and dived headfirst into the drug scene in Chicago. She has since backed away from that world, but still has itches now and then.

Description: Hair: Dark Brown with red highlights, worn long and well styled. Eyes: Strikingly pale blue Height: 5’7” Weight: 135 lbs

Moira is always well-dressed and exceptionally stylish. She wears square, black-rimmed glasses because she feels her looks keep her co-workers and interviewees from taking her seriously. She has two tattoos, a dragon tattoo on her lower back and a butterfly on her right hip.

Personal Goals: - Find her parents murderers and prove their guilt - Graduate from Medill NU and get a job at the Chicago Tribune as a political correspondent - See that her brother and sister get into a good college

Dossier - Moira Kesori

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