Dossier - Westin Snopes

Full Name: Westin Snopes
Known Aliases: N/A
Occupation: Curator of Anthropology (Field Museum)
Status: Vampire
Obsessive Compulsive? You know it.
History: The only son of a Public Relations Consultant and a Congresswoman, Westin was raised by a highly paid nanny, went to the best schools, met all the highest quality people, and got invited to all the right parties. By the time he hit college, he hated everything that had to do with his parents’ life and world. He wanted to get away. And when he discovered his love for history and travel, he discovered his ticket to ride.

Westin become an anthropologist and archaeologist. He spent his trust fund buying plane tickets and chartering cargo jets to carry rare artifacts, and occasionally bribing customs officers or naive tribesmen. He traveled the world and saw many of its wonders, and eventually landed a plum job as an Assistant Director of Acquisitions for the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Although the desk job grated on him somewhat, he took it as an opportunity to slow down for a while, and to plan for his future. He even started writing a memoir.

Then his Grandfather dropped in for a surprise visit. The elder Westin Snopes had always been an enigma in his grandson’s life. A wealthy jet-setter who traveled the world, he had been part of the younger man’s inspiration in choosing his own lifestyle. While the old man had been distant, never dropping in for more than a night before taking off again, Westin the younger had only fond memories of those visits, and the gifts that they usually entailed.

This time, his grandfather brought a different sort of gift.

Description: Westin is a very robust and well-preserved 60 year old who could easily pass for a man several years younger. If he seems a bit pale and cold at times, it can simply be attributed to working nights.

Personal Goals:
  • Resume his jet-setting lifestyle.
  • Expand his collection.
  • Reclaim some of his lost innocence.

Dossier - Westin Snopes

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