Dossier - Yonus Fitzsimons

Full Name: Yonus Fitzsimons
Known Aliases: None
Occupation: NWU Football Head Coach
Status: Sleeper
Still Got It? Yes
Background: Yonus, or “Fitzy” as he’s known to his friends, and most of the football world (of which he is a highly respected member), is a seemingly gruff, aggressive, no-nonsense man of 38 years. Once you get past his public persona, however, you come to realize that he laughs and jokes, and enjoys life probably more than most. His charisma and powerful personality are his most prominent attributes, but he also has an amazing command of language. (hence his tendency to never be far from a book of crossword puzzles)

He grew up in Mount Vernon, a small town in southern Illinois, was obsessed with football from a young age (likely due to his father’s obsession with the game) and was a gifted athlete. His father, with whom he was very close, passed away from a sudden heart attack shortly after Yonus was accepted on full athletic scholarship to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, where he played his freshman year before transferring to Northwestern to be closer to his Mother, Irene.

He went on to lead the Wildcats football team to back-to-back appearances in the Rose Bowl as their quarterback, winning the Heisman Trophy in his senior year as the country’s most outstanding collegiate player. Unfortunately, that year in the Rose Bowl, he tore both his ACL and MCL while making a heroic last-second dive to the endzone for the game winning score, and though he was still highly touted as the Nation’s best prospect, and was drafted high in the NFL draft that year, he never recovered well enough to ever play a snap in the pros. He can still feel a storm coming in his right knee.

He received a double-degree in Sports Management and English from Northwestern, and went back to Mount Vernon as athletic director of the high-school, as well as head-coach of the Rams, their varsity football team, and substitute English teacher. He finished rebuilding the classic pickup truck he began working on with his father years earlier, and still drives it to this day.

After his mother died in 1996, Yonus’ connection to Mount Vernon was strained, so when Northwestern came looking to him to fill their spot as Offensive Coordinator, he lept at the opportunity, and moved back to Evanston to accept the position.

He has been with the program for 12 years now, holding the head-coaching position for the last eight, and is a living legend on campus, having won the Rose Bowl three more times as a head coach, including a comeback win in his first season at the helm against a powerhouse USC Trojan team. He is destined for the football Hall of Fame, needing only a National Championship to complete his already impressive resume.

Personal Goals

1. Win a BCS National Championship 2. Find a wife who will put up with his football obsession 3. Find the best steak restaurant in Illinois 4. Publish his own book of crossword puzzles

Dossier - Yonus Fitzsimons

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