The Mysterium
The ten purviews of mystic influence, the Arcana encompass the entirety of reality. The five Subtle Arcana, those which influence things with roots in the Supernal World, are each paired with one of the Gross Arcana – the “material expressions”, related to the Fallen World (mages’ name for the mortal realm). Each pair forms the ruling Arcana of one of the five Supernal Realms, from which all Mana and magic are drawn. Since each Path’s watchtower resides in a particular Supernal Realm, mages of each Path have a natural affinity for the associated ruling Arcana. Each Realm also has an inferior Arcanum, one with less power in that Realm, and which associated Path mages find harder to learn.
The Realms (and corresponding Paths) have the following ruling Arcana (in Gross/Subtle pairs):

  • Arcadia (Acanthus): Time/Fate
  • Pandemonium (Mastigos): Space/Mind
  • Stygia (Moros): Matter/Death
  • The Aether (Obrimos): Forces/Prime
  • The Primal Wild (Thyrsus): Life/Spirit
  • mage-Arcanum

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