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The Joseph Medill School of Journalism (“Medill”) is one of eight schools at Northwestern University. The Medill School was founded in 1921 and named after Joseph Medill, owner and editor of the Chicago Tribune. It is headquartered on the southern end of Northwestern’s campus in Evanston, Illinois campus, but it also operates a branch campus located in Qatar which opened in 2008.

For many years the school’s main location was in Fisk Hall but in fall 2002 the school opened the McCormick Tribune Center, which features a professional-grade TV studio and numerous multimedia classrooms in line with Medill’s growing emphasis on new forms of media.

The journalism program offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. The undergraduate curriculum requires a broad liberal arts education as well as the study and practice of journalism. The Integrated Marketing Communications program offers a master’s degree over five quarters with concentrations in advertising, public relations, and direct, database and e-commerce marketing.

A “Medill F” of 0 is received when a student makes a factual error on a story, serving notice to students of the importance of correct information in the news media. The “Medill F” is given for factual errors such as misspelling names.

Medill undergraduates participate in a journalism residency for one quarter in their junior or senior year, during which they intern in a professional newsroom. Numerous media outlets across the United States—and in some cases, overseas—have participated in this program.
Medill graduate students work as beat reporters in Medill newsrooms in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Medill @ Northwestern University

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