Northwestern 12-10-10

Leaf-them-be! Artistic Ants!

Evergreen Park, Chicago– In the city of Chicago, leaves of trees have presented a strange phenomenon. Inscriptions, religious figures and others appear on the surface of the leaves. The images are like embroideries produced by combination of numerous tiny perforations. The devout homeless population believe that the inscriptions are messages of Our Lady.

The first inscription, appeared nine months ago and was found by local jogger, Mrs. Maria D’Ávila. Since then, the inscriptions have appeared in the leaves of all the trees in Evergreen Park. A specialist in insect explain that the marks probably were not made by insects.

The expert on insects, Professor Marcus Teixeira explains: Insects that attack leaves destroy the leaves. This is not the case. However, many people say they saw ants embroidering the leaves.

Recently police responded to St Michaels Church in response to reports of vandalism. When they arrived they found holes in the wall that formed patterns very much like those on the leaves. The Church says that there is no divine or supernatural phenomenon in these events. Whatever the cause, many people are now making a pilgrimage to Evergreen Park as well as St. Michaels Church, in hopes of experiencing a miracle.

by Ingvar Furkan12/10/2010

Northwestern 12-10-10

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