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Apocalypse How? Zombie related murders increase by 1

Chicago– A Canadian tourist who attacked a man he believed to be a zombie was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity in a Circuit court on Wednesday. NBC News reports that 19-year-old Charles Ward was walking down the street in the area of Union Station last October when he spotted 21-year-old Michael Davis.

Davis, who worked as a cleaner, was on his cell phone and en route between jobs at the time he was attacked. Ward believed Davis was a zombie, and fatally bludgeoned the man to death with a broken brick. The two men were not acquainted, and the victim appears to have been randomly targeted. Ward called 911 after the attack and the told a 911 operator that he had just been “…attacked by a zombie, send help…” Police on the scene reported that Ward was irrational and violent upon arrest.

The Courts learned that Ward had a history of mental problems. Ward had been diagnosed in Canada with bipolar disorder with a psychotic feature. He had stopped taking his anti-psychotic medication when he killed Davis, and he later told a forensic psychiatrist that he saw blood on peoples’ faces.

The jury learned that Ward, who was born in Boston and lived in Toronto, left Canada last September to visit his brother who is a resident of Chicago. Judge Michael O’Grady informed the jury that expert witnesses thought Ward was insane at the time of the attack. The jury unanimously returned the verdict — not guilty by reason of insanity — without retiring, according to the NBC News.

Ward has been ordered to be held in a state hospital.

by Ingvar Furkan12/13/2010

Northwestern 12-13-10

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