Northwestern 12-24-10

Fire on the water

Chicago– Sometime during the night before Christmas Eve, our fair cities crime wave continues, this time adding arson onto it’s rap sheet.

Late in the evening on December 23rd, it would seem that there was an illegal rave being held in a waterfront storage facility. During the festivities, possibly faulty wiring seems to have caused the facility to undergo a fairly rapid immolation. The exact cause of the fire is currently under investigation by top arson officials. They suspect that the fire blazed so hot that it managed to melt some of the moorings holding the boats aloft, causing them to crash to the ground and provide even more fuel for the inferno.

The report to the public as issued by the Chicago Police Department asserts that while there was substantial damage to the building and it’s contents, no persons were harmed during the blaze.

There is an award for any information leading to the organizers of the illegal event which culminated in the blaze, causing property damage well in excess of $1,500,000.

Chief investigator on the case, Detective Ethan DeLancey of the Chicago Police Department, when questioned about the fire, responded: “While the number of high profile cases has certainly increased over the past few months, this is not indicative of an increase in crime. Chicago is still as safe as ever.”

Again, there have been no reports of casualties during the evacuation.

by Elton Mackinroy12/13/2010

Northwestern 12-24-10

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