The Kindred
Each clan exemplifies an archetype or aspect of the vampire myth, and each clan’s members share many characteristics: they find it easier to master certain disciplines, and suffer a specific weakness. As well as supernatural similarities, members of a particular clan will tend to Embrace mortals like themselves, further reinforcing the feeling of “family”.

The clans are:

The Daeva are sensual and seductive social predators. They have great difficulty resisting their vices.

Gangrel are animalistic savages with a strong connection to the Beast, and find it hard to reason like men.

Clan Mekhet, as masters of secrets and shadows, suffer the pain of fire and sunlight more harshly than other vampires.

Nosferatu vampires are supernaturally terrifying monsters, some hideously deformed, others oddly unsettling, but whatever the cause, every Nosferatu finds it nigh impossible to socialize.

The Ventrue are the lords of the undead, rulers with regal bearing. Centuries of absolute power have corrupted them, and as they age they become more and more prone to insanity.


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