The Kindred

Westin’s Notes:

Maxwell and Rohet, working together? Targeting Carthians?

“Screw Collins. He doesn’t matter. Maxwell is going to have him dealt with soon enough – then it won’t matter what Collins did or didn’t know. That newcomer isn’t long for Chicago, I’ll tell you that much.” Opening the door a bit more allows Westin to peer into the lobby. Scanning the lobby reveals no passers by, and it seems the night clerk is not at the check-in counter. There is a group of four be-suited young men in the center of the floor having a discussion, and one young woman.

“Do you want to take bets on how long it’ll take Big Dick to defect?”

The woman begins weeping only, clutching at Westin’s hand like he were her only way to cease from drowning, or be rescued from a fire. “It’s not fair, us being torn apart like this. I don’t know why Rohet has it out for you, but he does. I would plead him to take my life for yours, but I know he would come for you anyway.

She squirms closer to Westin. “Rohet is terrible! A vile Nosferatu whose empire spans the Undercity. He’s violent, unreasonable, and frightening to work for. He knows so much about my old family, I’m afraid if I don’t help him…”


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