Weather 12-18-10

Freak Lightning Storm Strikes the Drake Hotel

The Magnificent Mile played host to two big events tonight – the Mayor’s Winter Ball, and a freak lightning storm. Both kicked off right after sundown.

While Early Warning Radar did not pick up the storm before it appeared, there were plenty of eyewitness reports of thunder and lightning up and down the Mile.

What makes this storm different than most is it has struck The Drake Hotel. Rather than the purposebuilt lightning rods on the roof, something caused the lightning to strike the interior of the penthouse apartment. The strike caused the windows in the apartment to shatter, as well as some glassware.

One eyewitness reported, “There was a giant flash – it lit up the sky as though the sun had exploded. I’ve never seen anything like it. I couldn’t see straight for three minutes! I thought I had been struck by lightning!”

Analysts are examining the data now, hoping to find the cause of the storm. Residents are advised until the nature of the strike can be determined, during freak storms, it is best to keep away from your windows.

by Medford Lyons12/18/2010

Weather 12-18-10

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