Wiki Wish List

A list of things for to be done in bits of spare time.

  • Develop the Gibson Institute (Specifically office of James Spence) [Done]
    • Develop characters for the Gibson Institute [In Progress]
  • Develop a Program format for the NU Athletics team
    • Develop characters for the NU Football team (Poutine can help with this if you’d like)
  • Develop pages for the NU Medill school
  • Develop a Dossier for the CPD
  • Develop Military Intelligence Sheets for the Marine Deployment Office [In Progress]
  • Develop information on the EPA
  • Add David’s Transportation to the Transportation page ( [Done]
  • Add Poutine’s Transportation as well (sent Rase a message containing said transports) [Done]
  • Develop either a University Newspaper, or the Chicago Tribune (for example), and maybe show Poutine how to format articles for it, as he has begun writing articles re: his football team, and doesn’t necessarily want to leave it all to you all the time to turn into newspaper format, but you’ve inspired him with the snippit that you’ve already put up on the site.
  • Develop articles for the Tribune [Ongoing]
  • * Develop formatting for the Adventure log (one below the character stories) to index the Tribune articles.
  • Develop Research Files for the Gibson Institute (Background image of a manilla folder, with tabs containing file names running down the left hand side, which can be clicked? Or perhaps a File Drawer or Operating system approach to accessing the files… Thoughts?)
    Although my character (Yonus) will have very little or nothing to do with the Gibson Institute, I think the tabbed folder/filing cabinet concept is a good one. Maybe one for the Police Department, as well. (though they should obviously be different)
  • Create phone templates

Character Work

  • Add James Crawford, President of the University. (Yonus Fitzgerald – Session 1)
    • Add information on James Crawford (Yonus Fitzgerald – Session 1)
  • Add Harold Jameson, Assistant Coach (Yonus Fitzgerald – Session 1)
    • Add information on Harold Jameson (Yonus Fitzgerald – Session 1)
  • Add Uriah Gibson, Director of the Gibson Institute (James Spence – Scene 2)
    • Add information on Uriah Gibson (James Spence – Scene 2)
  • Add Elton Mackinroy, classmate of Northwestern University (Moira Kesori – Scene 1)
    • Add information on Elton Mackinroy (Moira Kesori – Scene 1)
  • Add Ruth Golonski of Ruthies’ Diner (Simon Cruz – Scene 1)
  • Add Jon Farley (Simon Cruz – Scene 1) – Union Representative
  • Wiki Wish List

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